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Different Types of Slots

There are three main types of slot machines that are found online; straight, progressive and bonus. You will find many variations on the general themes but the basic rules and ways to win are straightforward, usually a lot simpler than UK fruit machines seen in pubs and arcades as winning is based just on spinning reels.

Straight slots are the basic machines that everyone will recognise; they pay out on a line of matching symbols. There are varieties of these games that include wildcard symbols that count for any symbol when they come up in a line and multiplier symbols that multiply winnings if they show up on a reel. They may have a variety of pay lines meaning that you can choose to play on multiple lines which gives you a higher chance of winning, but you have to pay your basic stake for each line you choose to play. You can also play buy-a-pay slots which give you more winning combinations depending on how much your bet.

Progressive slots are linked to a number of other machines and a tiny percentage from each bet goes to a bonus which can be won from any of the linked machines. This is an exciting addition to straight slots playing, but be aware that many machines are playing for the same bonus so even though the size of the possible payout can become huge the chance of winning it is relatively small. Once the big jackpot is paid out the pot is reset to zero and the whole thing begins all over again. You of course have the chance of winning as you play the standard game whilst waiting for the bonus.

Bonus game slots give you an extra game when you get the right combination on a spin. These bonus games give you the opportunity of winning extra money without having to pay any more for another bet. The games may involve opening chests to match symbols, stopping reels on the best prize or picking high or low on a spin, so you can add a bit of variety to your slot playing as well as getting the extra chance of a win.

Slot machines can be a lot of fun and playing them online is very accessible. Many machines are themed and lots of players have a favourite; from classic fruits to poker hands there is a theme to suit the taste of pretty much anyone.